Grey sandstone paving outside the event and banqueting building


Kilkea Stone Yard has a great deal of experience in commercial projects supplying and installing paving of different kinds in sometimes challenging locations.

Kilkea Castle had been closed for many years when Jay Cashman purchased the property complete with its Norman keep dating back to 1170.

Jay Cashman heads up the eponymous construction company in the United States, so he knows a thing or two about building and restoration.

Kilkea Stone Yard was honored to be chosen to supply and install a number of terraces and paved areas around the castle and associated buildings.

The paving outside the banqueting room joins with the existing steps leading to the front of the castle.

Rusty limestone paving on the terrace outside the hotel bar.



Stonemasonry is defined as the creation of buildings and other structures using stone as the primary material. One of Kilkea Stone Yard’s biggest projects was the structural and restoration work of Kilkea Castle and it’s many additional buildings.

The building in the foreground has been adapted as a function room and has been remodeled to blend in with the older buildings.

There are a lot of walls around the grounds of the castle.

The existing terrace outside the bar has been upgraded.

The original stone walls of the castle have been repointed, so the external masonry between the stones has been replaced to protect the structure from the effects of centuries of weather.

The many steps and decorative walls required remedial attention.

The event banqueting building has been faced with grey sandstone to blend in with the original stone work of the castle.

The castle’s stables have been tastefully converted into accommodation.